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FOOOTY - the ball that fits every pocket

The FOOOTY is a unique patented 2D construction element that enables you to create all popular ball shapes to kick and throw around. The basic ball is a 3D structure made out of 10 FOOOTY elements that are connected with a clever connection system. With 8 elements you can create a Rugby ball. With two you can make a juggling ball, and when you use your imagination you can create almost anything you want.

When you're finished playing you can stack the elements together with a cool elastic band and put them back in your back pocket. FOOOTY can be your best 'travel buddy' to play anywhere, anytime.

The FOOOTY is made from 100% recyclable Polypropylene, safe to use for kids and adults. It is resistent to great kicks and tricks. The FOOOTY never goes flat. It is fun to make and great to play. Can be kicked indoors and outdoors.

With FOOOTY we want to stimulate people to explore, discover and connect.

'Freedom to play anywhere, anytime'