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Did you ever feel the excitement of stacking stones at the beach? Challenging the rules of gravity! Feeling the frustration, the fun, the silence, the inner peace and the satisfying feeling of accomplishment when the tower stands tall!

This feeling was the inspiration to design a stone that makes it possible to enjoy stone stacking anywhere you want. They designed a smart rock with 17 different sides to stack on. This unique design offers endless possibilities to build a tower by yourself or to challenge your friends. But you have to watch out, since gravity can fool you at any moment...!

The ROCKEEES are designed and made in Holland by Creator Studio Apollo11 and produced in a fully circular manner in collaboration with recycler Coolrec. They collect discarded refrigerators from all over Europe and recycle them into high-quality raw materials. The new balancing game ROCKEEES, gives the refrigerators a "cool" second life.